A Tool to Improve Therapy Treatment of Amputees



Dr. Warren Smith

Prof. Douglas Thomas

Dr. Jingwei Yang

Team Name: Brute Force

Joseph Dandro

David Liu

Luke Noramczyk

Daniel Rea

Justin Thompson

Lucas Thompson

Alec White


Mission Statement

Brute Force aims to give medical professionals data which would otherwise be hidden variables in the rehabilitation process of amputees. Brute Force achieves these goals by collecting, visualizing, and analyzing the data acquired from patients’ devices. Doing so gives medical professionals accurate data regarding the usage of a patient's devices and can better equip those professionals to give more personalized treatments to each patient. We hope that our process will be able to aid amputees in recovering faster and getting them back on track to living a full and healthy life as an amputee.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Brute Force is to give medical professionals access to previously hidden variables to better service amputees through their recovery process.

Proposed Solutions

A microcontroller will collect pressure sensor data approximately 250 times a second. That data will need to be converted from its hexadecimal form into a decimal representation. Once in decimal form, our team will graphically display this data so that it can be useful to both the patient and the doctor. One way this data will be displayed will be through force calculations based on upon intervals of time in which the patient is using the crutch. These pre-set thresholds will be indicated interims in time in which the force was greater which would indicate detrimental or harmful use that should be corrected to ensure the patients’ health. This data will be uploaded into a database based upon the patient’s information so that the doctor can take steps to help his patients.

Project Demonstrations

High Fidelity Prototype

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Login Screen
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Split Screen View
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Analysis View
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Patient View


The focus of this project is to implement a graph that will clearly display the data to patients and our end user. It will indicate how the patient is currently using the crutch to give a physical therapist access to hidden variables. This will then allow the physical therapist to specialize the treatment to the individual patient by showing them how much force they may appropriately apply.

The purpose of Brute Force is to give medical professionals access to previously hidden variables to better service amputees through their recovery process.


Fall of 2020:

  • September 25th: Draft of Project Proposal

  • October 4th: Draft of Product Charter Document

  • October 13th: Sprint 01 - Planning

  • October 23rd: Sprint 01 - End of Execution

  • October 23rd: Signed Product Charter Document

  • October 23rd: Business Event Table and Context Diagram

  • October 27th: Sprint 02 - Planning

  • November 6th: Sprint 02 - End of Execution

  • November 10th: Sprint 03 - Planning

  • November 13th: Oral Presentation Sign-Ups

  • November 20th: Sprint 03 - End of Execution

  • November 24th: Sprint 04 - Planning

  • November 30th: Oral Presentation

  • December 4th: Sprint 04 - End of Execution

  • December 4th: Project Website and Prototype

  • December 11th: Product Backlog Documentation and Flyingdonut Taskboard

Spring of 2021:

  • January 27th: Preparation and Planning

  • February 3rd: Sprint 5 - Building UI

  • February 10th: Sprint 5 - End of Execution

  • February 17th: Sprint 6 - Adding Functionality

  • February 24th: Sprint 6 - End of Execution

  • March 3rd: Sprint 7 - Adding Features and Adding Testing

  • March 10th: Sprint 7 - End of Execution

  • March 10th: Automated Testing Begins

  • March 17th: Sprint 8 - Beginning Alpha Version Developmen

  • March 24th: Sprint 8 - End of Execution

  • March 31st: Sprint 9 - Beginning Beta Version Development

  • April 7th: Sprint 9 - End of Execution

  • April 14th: Sprint 10 - Bug Fixing and Tuning

  • April 14th: User Manual

  • April 21st: Sprint 10 - End of Execution

  • April 23rd: System Test Report

  • April 28th: Sprint 11 - Finalized Bug Fixing and Tuning

  • April 30th: Maintenance Manual

  • May 5th: Sprint 11 - End of Execution

  • May 7th: Finalized Product

  • May 14th: Senior Project Showcase

Tools and Technologies

Adobe xD, Flying Donut, GitLab, Git, UI/UX design

Python, PyCharm, matplotlib, numpy, tkinter, pytest, html, css, javascript